Cure your Acne Disaster with Chinese Treatment at ZhongBa:

There is a time when all teenagers get influenced by skin problems and search for acne treatment. Acne and acne-causing scars have become a common problem amongst men and women as well as aging people. It is not always possible or that easy to get rid of rigid acne scars from your face or other areas of your body. The presence of acne on your face can significantly impact your appearance and have a direct effect on the way you feel about yourself. Our ZhongBa clinic in Lahore offers a range of advanced and painless acne treatment in Lahore that not only keep your skin safe but provide you with better opportunities for maintaining your skin in the future.

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Our Chinese Dermatologist Liu Zeli for Acne Treatment:

Our Chinese skin specialist Dr. Liu Zeli specializes in for acne treatment by dealing with any acne problem by controlling the imbalance of bodily hormones that are responsible for occurring issues. He will give you natural glowing skin with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and therapies like hijama. He will provide you proper diet plan to provide you with long-lasting effects.

Why Are You Having Acne Treatment and Others Don’t?

Acne and acne scars can cause due to a lot of reasons. Before you consult our Chinese dermatologist to determine your suitability for acne treatment, you can figure out your reason by reading these main root points:

  • Genetics can also cause acne; you will inherit acne if your parents had acne.
  • Hormones called androgens play a crucial role in acne, by Increase in androgens in human during puberty. It makes the skin’s oil glands get larger and produce more sebum. The increase in androgens also causes hormonal changes related to starting or stopping birth control pills or pregnancy. There are other medicines which increase androgens.
  • Now day females use more oil-based cosmetics which may clog pores and cause acne instead water-based products are less likely to cause acne.

Things which can Worse your Acne Treatment:

Following are some main things which if you do not avoid then you will face failure in getting healthy skin. No matter how effective acne treatment you are having.

  • Harsh scrubbing the skin is not a good idea.
  • Squeezing or picking blemishes.
  • Any pressure like bike helmets, tight collars or backpacks.
  • Unhealthy and fast food consumption
  • Poor life and sleep patterns
  • And most of all stress.

 Chinese Effective Acne Scars Treatment:

When acne starts forming on the skin or you have done with acne treatment, they penetrate deeper into the tissues. However, once the acne begins fading, our body starts producing collagen to repair the damaged tissues. The scars can be depressed if less collagen generates in your skin, and the wounds can even rise in case of too much production of collagen.

Most scars that appear look like blemishes or craters in the surface, although acne also causes painful raised injuries called keloids or red, pink or purple spots on the skin, which are not technically scars because they fade in time.

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