Urethritis Causes and it Herbal Treatment at ZhongBa:

Sexually transmitted disorder urethritis is inflammation of the urethra. In females, Urethritis treatment is generally required because of contamination by bacteria within the urethra carried in via urethra opening. Urethritis generally causes ache and irritation while urinating and frequent urge to urinate. If you are having urethritis infection then our Chinese gynecologist Dr. Goufen Liu will provide you efficient medical care through Chinese herbal medicines. Urethritis in females is normally due to infection by means of bacteria within the urinary tract carried in through the urethra beginning. It may be divided into acute urethritis and chronic urethritis.

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Chinese Urologist for Urethritis Treatment in Lahore:

At zhongaba hospital, we have the Chinese urologist Dr. Guofen Liu for urethritis treatment in Lahore. She has vast experience in her gynecology field to treat all the disorders related to the female’s urinary tract, with the help of traditional herbal Chinese medicines and with advance Chinese technology.

What if you Avoid Urethritis Treatment?

If you will ignore your urethritis treatment, then it can cause additional health problems in both men and women. In women, if the virus is left untreated, it can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, inflammatory disease and weakening of cervical mucus with higher risks of infertility. Men can improve health conditions such as chronic urethritis, Reiter’s syndrome or epididymal-orchitis.

What Makes Urethritis Treatment More Difficult?

It is an annoying thing for both males and females when they affect urethritis because its symptoms will bring great effect on your health. The exact cause of this infection is not yet known during urethritis treatment. You can pledge an infection through vaginal, anal or oral sex. Following are some common reasons which can worsen your infection:

  • Complications: If this disease happens, again and again, the harms, fibrosis, the transformation of Urinary tract mucous membrane caused by long-term harms inflammation will affect the normal urination and treat. This situation can affect the curative effect of traditional medicine and makes the treatment more difficult.
  • Weak Immunity: Some patients with weak immunity such as Diabetes, tumor, or other chronic disease patients can have this disease.
  • Drug Resistance: The high relapse rate can be caused by improper treatment at the early stage, abuse of drugs.
  • Latent Infection: Parts of urethritis which is caused by microorganism treated with our Chinese herbal medicines, the bacteria will enter latent situation due to the shortcomings of drug and urethritis treatment, so those factors such as drinking, fatigue will make the latent bacteria breeding and reproduce and let urethritis happens again.
  • Deep Infection: Some bacteria hide in the deep of tissues such as the urethra fossae and gland nearby the urinary tract, so it is hard to kill all bacteria. Meanwhile, acute urethritis always happens with prostatitis, so sometimes, even urethritis is cured, and it also can relapse when the inflammations from prostate gland enter the urinary tract.

How to Fix an Appointment for Urethritis Treatment in Lahore?

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