Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Causes | Symptoms | and its Treatment in Lahore:

Most of the women in their reproductive age suffer from a polycystic ovarian syndrome which can’t be ignored, that’s why we at ZhongBa provides effective PCOS treatment in Lahore. It’s a hormonal imbalance disease which originates in your body when your body produces more male estrogen hormones. We have experienced and skillful Chinese gynecologist Dr. Guofen Liu. She will give you proper medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medication and through advance treatments. Our medical specialists diagnose this disorder with a pelvic examination, through blood tests or ultrasound. It can affect any woman from the age of 12 years to 45 years. Male hormone production is increased in females, which hinders female productiveness directly affects your fertility and causes a number of other health issues.

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What Causes PCOS and its Chinese Treatment at ZhongBa:

Women suffering from PCOS have to go through changes they never want like body changes, skin hair and internally. You should seek PCOS treatment from our Chinese hospital through natural medicine. This affects them and causes other mental health issues. The hormonal imbalances cause problems and unwanted changes which take time to cure and get better naturally and need to be treated with medication and patience. It has different effects and causes different kinds of issues in each individual. Though some symptoms may seem like most women have a different effect on their body. This also varies on the kind of lifestyle one has.

General Symptoms of PCOS with its Treatment in Lahore:

It has a number of symptoms and these also differ in each woman depending on their age and the kind of lifestyle they follow. PCOS treatment varies accordingly, the symptoms women usually show are acne, no or irregular period cycles, thinning of hair or getting facial hair, fluctuation in mood and getting mood swings, cysts in the ovary, immature ovulation, difficulty in becoming pregnant, etc. these are the few symptoms one goes through when they are diagnosed by PCOS. All symptoms do not occur together. Some have a few of them. Some have more. Some have only acute effect and symptoms while others have a dramatic effect on their health due to this.

What Are the Risks After Suffering from PCOS?

  • The women suffering from PCOS are more susceptible to diseases this has made the disease more complex and increased the PCOS treatment
  • A high risk of getting diabetes, the role of insulin plays a higher role in getting PCOS.
  • The increase of fatty substances in the bloodstream may increase, which creates lipid abnormalities.
  • Increase your body weight that promotes higher risk for heart diseases.
  • Have a higher level of insulin.

For an Appointment, you can Live Chat with us Or call on 0315-8608332

Why Are You Suffering From PCOS?

The lifestyle of a female, the environmental factors, and the level of insulin in the body and the family history of this disease has increased the risk of disorder and requires PCOS treatment. Though there is no specific reason for a person to get PCOS. Other than all these complications the major and the one that troubles most of the younger women is the one that affects the fertility. Women usually find it difficult to get pregnant if they have PCOS. The level of insulin increases so as the androgen which affects the periods and causes irregular periods which in turn affect fertility in the person.

What are PCOD and PCOS Symptoms, causes, and Solutions?

What are PCOD and PCOS? PCOD and PCOS are short for polycystic ovary syndrome and polycystic ovary disease, respectively. They are both medical conditions that affect a woman’s reproductive health. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause a wide range of symptoms, including irregular periods, excess hair growth, weight gain, and problems with fertility.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) Causes Symptoms &Treatment at a Chinese Hospital in Lahore.

Overview: PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS effect ladies’ body plenty. The girls who have PCOS have huge hormonal sicknesses. PCOS impacts the menstrual cycle, and frames acne face or different issues are going on. This hormone imbalance in PCOS makes it harder for women to get pregnant. It’s curable with some right medication,