Miscarriage Causes | Symptoms and its Treatment in Lahore:

A miscarriage is a pregnancy that ends spontaneously before 20 weeks of pregnancy when the fetus has no chance of living independently outside the womb. Nearly 10-20% of pregnant women go through a miscarriage treatment while they are expecting. Before your pregnancy establishes completely you lose your fertilized egg from your fetus or womb due to poor cervix health. If you have serious stomach cramps and nausea with blood spotting then maybe you are going through from miscarriage or soon you will. Our Chinese gynecologist in Lahore Dr. Guofen Liu has effective and efficient treatments and Chinese herbal medicines to protect you from this loss.

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Common Causes of Miscarriage and its Chinese Treatment:

Before a baby grows in the womb independently the embryo dies naturally. You need to visit our Chinese hospital for miscarriage treatment. You can experience unwanted loss of pregnancy due to the placental problem, cervix health issue, and polycystic ovary syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities. You can lessen the risk of miscarriage by visiting our Chinese gynecologist Dr.Guofen Liu. Following are some general causes which can affect your baby within the womb and increase the risk of miscarriage:

  • Abnormal formation of chromosomes structure.
  • Weak cervix.
  • Ageing factor.
  • Uterine infection and weak membranes cause premature delivery.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Hormonal imbalance.

General Symptoms of Miscarriage and its Treatment in Lahore:

The earliest pregnancy symptoms include abdominal cramping that feels like menstrual cramps. If you are experiencing following mentioned symptoms then for miscarriage treatment in Lahore you must visit our Chinese gynecologist as soon as possible. This cramping is not, however, associated with menstrual bleeding. Instead of that, you might experience light vaginal spotting or mucus discharge. This very light bleeding occurs a bit earlier than your expected normal periods. While there are many reasons you may miss a menstrual cycle like stress, illness, excessive exercise, reactions to foods or medications.

Fatigue is a feeling of lethargy and exhaustion that seems to happen no matter your level of activity or time of day. If development is continuing, the possibility of miscarriage is lessened, but when the heart rate of the child slows or is absent, this may be an indicator that something is wrong.

When Can You Experience Pregnancy Loss?

It is very common to experience a threatened abortion in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Actually, 25-30% of all pregnancies have some bleeding occur during the pregnancy and they rush for miscarriage treatment.

After 20 weeks, pregnancy loss is considered a stillbirth. Around three to four weeks your unborn baby will be developing rather quickly with already containing formed organs, spine, nervous system and tissue. This stage of your pregnancy is titled the embryonic phase and will last throughout your eighth week. Although it’s common for a woman to miss her period every now and then, a consistently irregular menstrual cycle is the most common sign of fertility problems in women. It could also suggest an underlying condition that may not necessarily lead to infertility.

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