Irregular Menstruation Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Lahore:

Many fertile women suffer from the problem of delay, missed and painful menstrual cycles. Don’t ignore this problem and visit our Chinese hospital for menstruation treatment, if you are going through from irregular periods or having heavy bleeding with pain. A normal menstrual cycle bleeding continues every 27 days. Menstrual bleeding is said to be not normal if it will be experienced frequently within twenty-one days or retains more than 7 days. It causes less or too high bleeding or completely missed for months. You have to visit our Chinese gynecologist if you are having any irregularity in your menses. She will treat your problem naturally with the help of Chinese herbal medicines.

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Types of Irregular Menstruation and their Chinese Treatment:

Irregular menstruation can be of different types and our Chinese menstruation treatment varies according to the category of the period’s problem. It may be a late period of the early period or bleeding between periods.

  • Dysmenorrheal: is the sickness of severe menstrual pain
  • Amenorrhea: Amenorrhea disorder can be caused by hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism

In females. Generally, it’s divided into two categories, primary or initial amenorrhea in which you never had periods in secondary stage your body is skipping menstrual cycles consecutively.

  • Pre-menstrual syndrome: is caused by hormonal imbalance and variation in the sex hormones level.

Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation and Its Chinese Treatment:

The problem of painful menstrual cycles involves cramps, pain, and bleeding which can be terribly painful and requires quick menstruation treatment. Many women who suffer from disproportionate bleeding regularly suffer from anemia and related health symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and general weakness. There are certain conditions when women miss the monthly cycle which can happen due to intense exercising, emotional stress or poor intake of food.

Sometimes, women suffer from illness or travel a lot which can disrupt the normal monthly flow. The intake of certain medications can also disrupt the monthly cycle. The problem of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), excessive weight gain or loss and eating disorders can also cause it. One can treat menstruation problem in women successfully without any side effects by taking herbal remedies Gynecure capsule which is highly powerful and safe as compared to laboratory-based medicines.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation and its Natural Treatment:

Women suffering from the problem have painful conjugal relations and may have pregnancy-related problems. Our Chinese herbal medicines for menstruation treatment can regulate these symptoms effectively. The condition causes fatigue and extreme level of inflammation that can disrupt the normal lifestyle and efficiency of women at the workplace.

When you have stress, regardless of the source (personal relationships, danger, work environment) our adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol and disturbs your menstrual cycle. Cortisol directly affected by sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. Poor nutrition seems to physically change the protein in the brain because they may no longer send the proper signals for regular ovulation.

Our Chinese Herbal Medicines for Menstruation Treatment:

There are more than thirty different types of herbs used in the preparation of the Chinese herbal medicines for menstruation treatment. Our specialized Chinese pharmaceuticals mixed those herbs in the right ratio to deliver optimum benefit and complete cure for the problem of abnormal monthly flow in women. Our Chinese herbal medicines to treat menstruation problem in women can effectively reduce pain and inflammation. It provides long-term health benefits to the body and promotes complete female health.