Guaranteed Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair Treatment in Lahore:

A hymen is actually a thin layer in the virginal opening. This is made of soft tissues. After the first intercourse, the Hymen gets disrupted. By hymen repair treatment, this layer is reconstructed without any harmful side effects.  We at ZhongBa hospital have Chinese specialists Dr. Guofen Liu who have expertise in treating vaginal issues for 35 years. Don’t worry about any privacy issues or financial issues because you can get this treatment at an acceptable price from our Chinese medical staff.

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What is Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair Treatment?

Well, hymen repair treatment is actually a plastic surgery through which you can restore the hymen layer again in your virgin. It is considered a very simple procedure which helps to restore your hymen layer again. There are mainly two types of Hymenoplasty done in Lahore. One of them is Simple Hymenoplasty and the other is Hymen Reconstruction. In the first process, the remnant is pieced together to close the tear. It is a very simple process and a recovery of three to four days is enough for it.

The tissue of the hymen is pulled together and thus the virgin becomes again covered by this layer. The chance of any kind of infection or fever, in this case, is low because it is an avascular layer. However, if no such remnant is found then the process of reconstruction is used. By using the mucosal tissue of the virgin, the hymen layer is created again in this process. So, as per the process is a concern it is more extensive. It takes a recovery time of 5 to 7 days.

Precautionary Measures after Hymen Repair Treatment:

Here are some precautionary measures you should follow after having hymen repair treatment from our Chinese hospital.

  • Do not carry weight.
  • Less physical activities.
  • No food intake precautions, you are free to eat whatever you want.
  • You are not allowed to have intercourse during your recovery period.

When cannot you have Hymen Repair Treatment?

Here are some general mention able conditions when you cannot have our hymen repair treatment. According to our Chinese gynecologist it’s a very delicate area for females so every minor detail should be taken into consideration:

During Menstruation: If you are going through from your menstruation cycle then you cannot go through from hymenoplasty.

Having Sexual Transmitted Diseases: Females are not allowed to go through from this treatment who are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like vaginitis, genital herpes or some other.

During Pregnancy: Pregnant ladies cannot go through from this treatment, because during delivery it will rupture again.

Most Frequent Questions Females Ask for Hymen Repair Treatment?

Is it Affordable?  Yes, we have an affordable range of price for hymen repair treatment.

What Is Treatment Duration? Our treatment duration is 30 minutes. After some rest and medication, you are allowed to go home.

What Are Side Effects? There are no side effects.

It Has Effective Results? Yes, we have guaranteed effective and efficient results.

What Is Our Privacy Policy? We know this is a very sensitive issue that’s why our hospital privacy policy has strict rules.

What Is Healing Or Recovery Time? You can heal or recover your hymen within 15 days.

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