General Breast Diseases and its Chinese Treatment in Lahore:

Breast diseases are frequently noxious for female health in Pakistan. This disease can be worse and injurious if not diagnosed with breast disease treatment timely. Zhongaba hospital facilitates you with the latest technology for breast disorders. We also provide you with instant relief and quick medical care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines. Generally, women’s in Pakistan are hesitant to target and get treated when it comes to their private organs. That’s why females are more prone to diseases and infections. All of the breast issues which are non-cancerous are not harmful or have life threats for you if diagnosed timely.

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Our Chinese Gynecologist for Breast Treatment in Lahore:

At Zhongba hospital we furnish you with the effective breast disease treatment in Lahore like mastitis, breast hyperplasia and breast fibroids. We have Chinese female medical gynecologist Dr. Goufen Liu. She treats all breast disorders with the help of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and the latest technology which have no harmful effects on your body. She is very skilful and has expertise in treating all kind of gynecological and female health issues.

Breast Diseases and their Treatment at ZhongBa:

Following are the most common breast diseases which usually experienced by Pakistani females. You have to visit our Chinese hospital for natural and efficient breast disease treatment.

  • Breast Cyst: A breast cyst is oval lumps filled with fluid like a balloon, it can be cancerous or non-cancerous. When you notice a lump on your breast then you should come to our hospital for a complete examination. We will remove your cyst with all our expertise using advance Chinese technology.
  • Breast Hyperplasia: When your breast cells overgrow in unusual shape within ducts or lobules is known as breast hyperplasia. Due to this, you can lump on your breast along with pain and nipple discharge. Breast hyperplasia caused mostly due to fluctuation in estrogen level.
  • Breast Lump: When your nipple turns inwards with redness and having swelling or itching with abnormal discharge you may be having a breast lump. Most lumps are nonmalignant. This ailment can be due to cysts, fibrocystic breasts, trauma or other infections.
  • Breast Fibroids: Related to excessive estrogen inside the body may additionally occur on an unmarried or each side of the breast.


How can you Avoid Yourself from Breast Diseases?

According to our Chinese gynecologist you can avoid yourself from breast disease treatment by adopting following simple guidelines.

  • Workout each day to be physically active.
  • Keep away from birth control drugs.
  • Consume healthy and hygienic food.
  • Adopt a healthy sleep habitual.
  • Consumption of vitamins and folic acid.

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