Rectal prolapse treatment in Lahore

Going to the bathroom or using the toilet or whatever phrase you may use is, of course, a natural part of life. But, everything associated with process, from what comes out, to the smells, to the parts of the body that are used, is often the subject of either jokes or embarrassment. However, if your feel like something just is not right when you poop, or try to poop you should not ignore

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If you are searching for rectal prolapse treatment in Lahore than first you need to know about actually what is rectal prolapse.

What is rectal prolapse?

If you feel like you are sitting on a small ball after pooping or if you notice that you have something sticking out of the opening you anus where you poop you could have what is called rectal prolapse.

Prolapse means that a body part has slipped or fallen down from its normal position. Rectal prolapse is when the rectum the bottom part of your large intestine. Drops down towards or outride your anus. While that may sound frightening it is typically not considered a medical emergency. However the longer you have the condition, the worse it can get. And living with the rectal prolapse can cause embarrassment and impact your quality of life as well

Types of rectal prolapse:

There are three types of rectal prolapse

  • Full thickness: the full thickness of the walls of rectum sticks out through theanus. The is the most common type of rectal prolapse. There can be a half or full protusion.
  • Mucosal: only the lining of the anus known as the mucosa sticks out through the anus.
  • Internal: The rectum folds on itself but does not stick out through the anus.

Causes and risks factors of rectal prolapse:

There is a ranmge of risks factors and causes associated with the rectal prolapse, altgoufh doctors do not fully understand wjy some people get it.

It can be triggered by a variety of things including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Constipattion or chronic straining
  • Diarrhea present in around 15 days of people
  • Condition that makes a person cough a lot

Rectal prolapse is more common in adults than children and it is particularly prevalent in women aged 50 to 60 years ofr oldwer, who are six times more likely to be effected than men

Most womenwho have rectal prolapse are in their 60s, while most of them are 40 or younger.

In the case of older women, rectal prolapse will be often occur at the same time as prolapses uterus or bladder. This is because of general weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

Symptoms and conditions:

  • At first the person might only be notice a lump or swelling coming out of their nus when they have bowel movement.
  • Initially, the person may be able to push the rectal prolapse back in. Over time, however prolapse is likely to protrude permanently, and a person will be unable to push the prolapse back.
  • Some people may experience an internal rectal prolapse, which is different in that the prolapse will not prouder. However the person may fell as If they have not passed everything during a bowel movement.

Other symptoms of rectal prolapse include:

  • Difficulty controlling bowel movements, which occurs in around 50 to 75 percent of cases
  • Bright red blood coming out of the rectum
  • Discomfort
  • Constipation, present about 25 to 50 percent of people who have a rectal prolapse

Seek emergency rectal prolapse treatment in Lahore if the pain and condition is prolapse.

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Treatment of rectal prolapse:

We offer you following mentioned treatments for rectal prolapse treatments

The most common treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery to put the rectum in place and there are several types. The kind of surgery your doctor recommends will depend on the factors such as your health, age and how serious your condition is, the two most common types of treatments are

Through the abdomen: This type of surgery can be done either with a large incision or using laparoscopy-this process uses small cuts and a camera attached to an instrument so the surgeon can see what needs to be done and if there are any additional issues that need to be fixed.

Rectal repair: this approach may be used if you are older or have other medical problems. This type of surgery can involve the inner lining of the rectum or the portion extending out of the anus.

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