Hemorrhoid Causes Symptoms and its Chinese Treatment in Lahore:

Hemorrhoid/ Piles/ Bawaseer is a very common sickness mostly experienced in adults and women’s. Swollen or enlarged veins of your rectal area due to random factors causes stretchiness with irritation and inflammation in your anus. We at ZhongBa hospital have hemorrhoid treatment for internal and external hemorrhoids with surgical and non-surgical Chinese’s treatments. It is a painful and uncomfortable condition that can prevent you from being active and living a productive life. Yet it still remains an embarrassing topic to discuss, and many people afflicted with the condition choose to stay silent and do not seek treatment. This aggravates their symptoms and decreases their chances of being cured completely.

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Our Anorectal Specialists for Hemorrhoid Treatment:

Our anorectal specialist Dr. Liu Zeli at ZhongBa hospital has guaranteed results of hemorrhoid treatment with the help of Chinese herbal medicines and advance Chinese technology for non-invasive surgery treatments. We also have Chinese female anorectal specialist Dr. Tong Xiang Liu for females who are having serious anal or rectal issues. Because mostly females in Pakistan are hesitant to be treated by the male doctor, that’s why we are facilitating you with this opportunity.

Hemorrhoids Treatment and Its Types:

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins within the lowest section of the rectum of a human being which requires natural and effective hemorrhoid treatment. Swollen veins will Hemorrhoids are also referred to as piles. Hemorrhoids can be of two types:

Internal hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoid in your rectal area.

External hemorrhoid: Hemorrhoid in your anal area.

Causes of hemorrhoid and its Treatment in Lahore:

So to evaluate how effective our Chinese hemorrhoid treatment methods are, you have to be first aware of what triggers hemorrhoid disease or worsens its symptoms. The following the most common non-genetic and controllable causes of hemorrhoid disease:

  • Leading an inactive life with little or no exercise.
  • Working at a job where you have to stand for long hours at a stretch.
  • Eating an unhealthy and imbalanced diet deficient in fibers.
  • Experiencing irregular bowel movements that make you strain when defecating.
  • Taking part regularly in sports activities like body-building, horse riding, and cycling.

General Symptoms of Hemorrhoid and its Treatment:

Not many people know that hemorrhoid disease can be cured completely and safely if they choose the right treatment method quickly. Our Natural hemorrhoid treatment to cure this health condition can not only treat the symptoms of the disease but also prevent it from recurring. Following are some general symptoms mentioned below:

  • Anal itching.
  • Burning sensations.
  • Inflammation of rectal area.
  • Pain while passing stool.

Hemorrhoid Curable or Not?

A lifetime situation of piles can’t be completely curable but you can control this situation through diet, medicines, and exercise. If you will not take care of yourself on time then there are numerous surgical treatments are present to remove the clump on the anus.

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