Chinese Herbal Treatment for Constipation in Lahore:

Among various digestive ailments or digestive issues suffered by human beings, constipation is one of the most common and major problems. We at ZhongBa hospital have the effective constipation treatment in Lahore under the supervision of Chinese anorectal specialist Dr. Liu Zeli. He will provide you with comprehensive care with the help of Chinese herbal medicines. It is considered to be the mother of numbers of other digestive ailments in the human body. Under this condition, you experience stool less than three times per week. Due to the non-passage of wastes and toxins due to constipation, you remain restless and uncomfortable. There is an excessive gas formation in the stomach. Some people also suffer from abdominal pain, heaviness, acidity and even headache.

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Our Anorectal Department and Constipation Treatment:

For anal and rectal problems and infections, ZhongBa hospital has one of the leading anorectal department for providing you efficient constipation treatment in Lahore. For any kind of anal and rectal area issues, you must visit our hospital for guaranteed treatment. Under the supervision of our potent and skilful Chinese gastroenterologist Dr. Liu Zeli, you will get complete anal health within no time. Our extensive natural medical care and therapies secure you against fatal complications and ailments you can have in future.

What is Constipation and its Chinese Treatment?

Constipation is a sign; it isn’t a disease. It could be caused by different disorders which require efficient constipation treatment at our hospital. Constipation may happen when the muscle of the colon contracts too slowly, make the waste material to go through the bowels too slowly. Slow movement allows extra time for water to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream, making the stools to be hard.

Reasons for Constipation and Some Misconceptions:

There are so many reasons and constipation treatments promoted; it is sometimes hard from what is the ideal method of relief to utilize. Here are several common misconceptions debunked about constipation.

Water Consumption:

Misconception: Increasing water helps in constipation

Reality: The issue with constipation is inadequate water in the feces, not inadequate water in the body. Drinking a huge amount of water alone is not proven to offer any kind of severe constipation relief. The intestine already has enough water and any extra is ingested and excreted through urine.

Bowel Movement:

Misconception: Ignoring the desire to have a bowel movement will not lead to constipation.

Reality: Disregarding the desire to have a bowel movement could cause you to stop feeling the urge. Some people try to delay a bowel movement as they’re busy, self-conscious of using open public or other’s bathrooms or just do nothing like to have a bowel movement. This may lead to serious constipation and other maladies.

Infrequent Routine of Stool:

Misconception: Unless you have a single bowel motion a day, it’s abnormal.

Reality: Less than 50% of people have one bowel movement a day. What’s normal and regular for you might not exactly be what’s normal and regular for somebody else.

When to Visit Our Doctor for Constipation Treatment?

If you have frequent issues with your digestive problem, it is time to consult our Chinese anorectal doctor for constipation treatment. You might need better herbal medication with perfect soluble fiber diet plan to get the efficient results for constipation.

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